what is my ip ?

get your current machine ip

proxy anonymeter

tell you how anonymous your proxy is (transparent, anonymous or elite)

request headers

tell you how the server see your request headers

User-Agent Analyzer

get all possible data about the machine using its user-agent

image placeholder

get a placeholder image with your wanted dimensions and color to set it in your page faster

dynamic user avatar

generate specific profile picture for every user using first letters of its name

thumbnail generator

convert image to thumbnail with custom width

image meta cleaner

clean image from meta data to reduce its size and make it untraceable

image base64

encode image to base64 string or decode

qr-code generator

convert any text into a qrcode

facebook user-id

get the id of any facebook user

cors proxy

simple proxy give your js in the browser the ability to navigate the web, and avoid cors policy

Url Example: /cors-proxy/?url=https://google.com/?q=coffee

url shortener

convert shorten url to the original one

text saver <simple db>

work as a semi db, that save any text you post to the api. you can read it anytime. it can be used as a cdn also. (token is required) to map saved content to your account